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Part Three of our Interview with JB Frank

Updated: May 6, 2023

In this last installment of our interview, the great JB Frank reveals that when Kingdom Come was put together as a band, around Lenny Wolf, they were nudged to channel Led Zeppelin's influence - an element in the band's history that always stirred controversy: JB and The Liner Note hosts discuss the prevalence of this influence in the bands of the era and why modern bands like Greta Van Fleeet get a pass. We also learn about an soon to be cast biopic that could feature JB as Steven Tyler. JB also delves further into the music industry's machinations, entertaining a question we often ponder when we come across some great acts that don't strike gold: why didn't they become a hit? Upcoming Kingdom Come tour plans and the challenges in the band's personnel round out the discussion. Listen with us as we learn many more details about Kingdom Come's history! Click here to listen on Buzzsprout.



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