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Part One of an Interview with the Legendary JB Frank

In part one of this three-part special episode of The Liner Note, the guys sit down with JB Frank, the legendary bassist and musician known as one of the lyrical and musical powerhouses behind the great heavy metal band Kingdom Come. JB lets us in on his spiritualism and how it brings peace to his life, the love he has for his wife and family, his history as a musician, and his the history of his musical projects. He shares the history of his early days, as a young musician, fighting his way to notoriety in the Florida music scene, his ups and downs with entertainment power-brokers and record companies, and the chance encounters that brought him to Hollywood and a second career few of us know about... as a seasoned actor. In part two, JB discusses Kingdom Come's phenomenal debut, his run-ins with other rock legends, and his greatest performances. Part three delves into Kingdom Come's status today and he makes a surprising reveal about the origins of Kingdom Come. Click here to listen on Buzzsprout.


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