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The Liner Note

Welcome to The Liner Note, a podcast about musical artists, performers, and the people behind the mixing board, with your hosts, Ed Lopez-Reyes, Jim Long, John Culkin, and Joe W. Join us as we delve into many aspects of the music industry with special guests and performers. Intro/outro music composed and performed by Tony Quarto. The Liner Note is edited and produced by Callie Macchia and Mach 5 film productions. Photography by Marie Lopez Photography. A Wolf & King Media project. 


Ed Lopez-Reyes

Ed Lopez-Reyes is a Pink Floyd researcher and writer, getting his start as a contributing editor on Brain Damage, the most widely read Pink Floyd fan resource, published globally in print between the 1980s and 1990s. In 2020, Ed launched Publius Enigma, where he serves as publisher, and editor. The site focuses on Pink Floyd’s post-1983 era. He is a member of The Mighty Goodfellas, which includes John Mellencamp, PinkFloyd, and Santana alumni - a group of musicians that team up for charitable causes. 

Jim Long

Jim has been into music since his youth. He started as a DJ at the age of 23 at parties and events. His musical taste includes a wide variety of artists with the main love being in the rock and metal categories. He started hosting an online radio show called Wednesday Night Rocks on The Totally 70s Radio Network in 2009 until 2018 when he took a 2 year break and starting On The Rocks With Jim Long in 2020. Jim met Ed at a House Of Lords concert in Bristol, Ct. 6 years ago over their love for music and concerts they became great friends and have talked about getting The Liner Note podcast up and going for sometime now and adding John and Joe into the mix with their love for music now in 2023 it’s becoming a reality.

Joe W

Joe got into music at a young age, first playing classic Irish music in a family band. Later he picked up base and played in several bands, performing New Age, Punk and Metal. Joe's bad opened for such acts as The Undead, Clutch and Life of Agony. After a 7 year stint in  the U.S. army, Joe found music again, picking up the guitar and renewing his chops on electric bass. Currently in a two man band with Tony Q (who plays the intro on The Liner Note) Joe concentrates on metal and is always on the lookout for a a talented group to set up a jam session.

John Culkin

John Culkin started in music at a young age performing as a singer songwriter, guitar, bass, piano, and harmonica player. In highschool John played in the school marching band as a drummer and joined local garage bands as a singer and bass player. In college John performed with several bands  to local success. In more recent years John turned to mandolin where he enjoys jamming to irish music with family. Always a music lover, John looks forward to being part of ‘The Liner Note’ podcast team.

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