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An Interview with the Legendary Drummer James Kottak

In this episode of The Liner Note the great drummer and songwriter James Kottak pays us a visit. James talks about his introduction to drums as a young boy: being mesmerized by the drums in a rock band playing in a store, eventually getting a drumset and playing along at home. He discusses joining local bands in the early days and playing his way into adulthood - eventually reaching the spotlight with Kingdom Come. James also talks about his years with the iconic rock band The Scorpions, his side projects, his ghost drumming, and his reunion with Kingdom Come. James hints that we may hear some good news about a tour soon. James also talks about his love of writing and that he is currently working on his autobiography. James concludes with his thoughts on politics and explains there is room for everyone to have an opinion but that there is a dire need for respect when others disagree. Join us as we get to probe the thoughts, life, and career of one of the greatest rock drummers of all time. Click here to listen.


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