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An Interview with Rylie DeGarmo of Les Ailes and The Rue

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Photo courtesy of KT Sura and Les Ailes

On this episode of the Liner Note the guys sit down with the incomparable Rylie DeGarmo. Rylie disusses her musical background and how her early exposure to the Beatles, Billie Holiday, and other artists continues to influence her approach to writing and composing her music. Rylie also talks about her time in Nashville and how it's influenced her sound and maturity as an artist. She lets us in on her creative process and explains that not every musical creation needs to be shared, that some works are the products of steps in an artists' musical journey but might not be meant for the public. We are undeniably blessed in capturing the thoughts of a nascent musical phenomenon as she moves forward as an artist. Click here to listen.


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